All life is decided by encounters.How about coming to our church and experiencing a wonderful encounter?


"All life is decided by encounters." Whom and what have you had decisive encounters so far?
They made what you are now.
If so, isn't it important for us to pay more attention to an encounter and meet someone or something good?
We will offer you the best encounter.
How about coming to our church and experiencing a wonderful encounter?

Motonari Takehana, the Senior Pastor

We commemorated the 50th anniversary of the foundation.

We held the commemoration ceremony / thanks meeting for the 50th anniversary on May 5th, 2016. Many people including the mayor of Oyama attended it and gave us congratulatory messages.
Also, a baritone singer performed a solo of classical songs.


Oyama Church,
the United Church of Christ in Japan

The foundation date : May 6, 1966
2-7-21 Joto, Oyama-shi, Tochigi
323-0807 Japan

15 minutes on foot from Oyama Station
of the Tohoku Honsen Line

Wedding Information
Wedding Information

How about having a special wedding in a Christian-style with 2000 years of traditions?
It cannot be experienced at general ceremonial halls. Trust us and leave it to us. We provide enough counselling and rehearsals.
In addition, one of the charms is the reasonable price compared to general wedding halls.

Alcoholics Self-help Group

AA Group is a group for people who are suffering from alcoholism to encourage each other and break addiction.
Time and Day: 19:30 pm on Wednesdays

Congregation Information
photo:Congregation Information
Worship for Children in preparation
Holy Day Worship 10:30 am on Sundays
Prayer Evening 20:30 pm on Thursdays
Sharon's Meeting after Holy Day Worship on the 2nd Sunday
Donate your piano

If you are thinking to discard a piano because of moving, replacement, and so on, please contact us.